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PRESKIN 's success thanks to the employee's effort. They are the key to continuous innovation, development and the ultimate realization of the knowledge and PRESKIN equipment. Therefore, each PRESKIN employees, whether to fulfill what functions, occupying the position of what, living in which countries, are an integral part of the global family members, a common commitment to our tradition of a century in the accumulation of knowledge engineering, and in the next 100 years and even as far away as the future continue to flourish.
In order to ensure that the enterprise staff has always been concerned about and clearly know how to take the responsibility, prepared a manual PRESKIN commitment  , the contents are as follows;

- vision and mission

- Faith

- push elements

- Code of conduct

These  basic principles define the essence of PRESKIN enterprise culture. These principles can tell us who we are, who on behalf of, and through the PRESKIN team cooperation and opening up the spirit of cohesion. These principles allow us to understand how the business is most important, these principles can help us to stimulate the imagination, and  point out the direction of our future vision.
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