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PRESKIN always adhere to the selection of the most high-quality raw materials, strict quality control system, the precision machining equipment and measuring instruments, through advanced product design and first-class manufacturing technology, to provide professional knowledge and application services and overall solutions for customers. We selected the raw material suppliers, The top domestic raw material supplier is subject to strict supplier approval procedures and the purchase inspection procedures to supply, to ensure the consistency of our product quality. The Association for the quality of raw materials and parts, PRESKIN developed a strict standard operating procedures for incoming inspection documents to ensure high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of PRESKIN.
Strict quality system
We are strict to control the quality of products, in many varieties, large quantities of continuous production, strict quality system is the most important guarantee for the stable quality of product. Since 2002, PRESKIN has passed DNV ISO9001 quality management system certification, which is one of the electric enterprise to get the certification from abroad authoritative quality certification institutions.
The quality control process
Company through the advanced quality planning, from product design and development, raw materials procurement, storage, production, to the finished product inspection, packaging, shipping and other process, has the quality management system as a guarantee.
At the same time the company has its own physical and chemical laboratory, for each batch of materials into the factory to test and analysis, to ensure that each batch are high quality raw materials.
In the progress, PRESKIN introduced high precision equipment, established econometric measure, to ensure that the process measurement accuracy.
Product traceability process
According to the system requirements, we set up the most strict product quality trace ability system in the domestic counterparts. From the purchase of raw materials to the finished product assembly, our company are tracking every orders’ production process all-the-way, Operating instructions strictly , inspection testing, and record-keeping at the same time ensure that critical process parameters controlled during production processing. At the same time, we also welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory. Hope we can develop long and lasting cooperation and friendship.
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