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A Nice Prospect With MLCC Used Vehicle Industry

Aug. 19 , 2017

In 2016, TDK gave up a handful of MLCC manufacturers such as smart phones, tablet PC, PC and other consumer market and the business center of gravity toward the vehicle market development, cars are become thecenter of gravity of the growth in its next business.The basic reasons for TDK's strategic transformation are as follows:

One is the high profit of MLCC products.Currently, MLCC products are divided into consumer, automotive and industrial, military, and aerospace.Compared with consumer market, automobile and industrial-grade profit margins are higher.As a result, many MLCC manufacturers have started to use the automobile market as a new application area, focusing on technology and production capacity transfer.

Second, the demand growth of MLCC products.From auto electronic accounting for the cost of the vehicle, has risen from 20% in 2000, growth in 2017 to the latest research and development of pure electric about 60% of the driverless cars, cars have gradually by industrial machinery products evolve into electronic products, for MLCC is widely used in the automotive sector, has a strong demand.

Third, the trend of intelligent automobile development.Under the dual impetus of green energy and environmental policy, new energy vehicles and their affiliated products (charging piles and charging stations) are in line with the current mainstream trend of green energy.Traditional markets such as home appliances and computers have started to shrink, and the smartphone market is saturated.Cars, especially energy efficient and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles, are the future development direction.In addition, the general products have attracted a large number of manufacturers because of the greater competition and lower profit margins.

We can use a set of data to illustrate.According to the global auto sales growth rate of cicc, in 2016, the total number of vehicles sold in the world was 9503.59 million.In 2017, the growth rate is expected to slow, at about 3.3 percent, or about 9817.22 million.According to each vehicle using an average of 3000 grain of MLCC usage budget, global demand for automotive electronics industry in 2017 is expected to about 300 billion, according to the current market average unit price of 0.05 yuan/grain, expects 2017 global automotive MLCC market capacity of about 15 billion yuan ($2.2 billion).

MLCC is mainly used on three large plates in the car: entertainment video, navigation communication and security control.Automotive markets tend to be more strict to the requirement of MLCC, difficult to get into general manufacturers, in addition to TDK, murata, KEMET and other minority manufacturers, has many years of accumulation in the car market other vendors might still take "strong consumer market, and then expand vehicle market" conservative strategy.Although knowing this is a gold mine, but to explore the inside of the gold, also need to practice the basic skills, first the mining license is the best policy!

The reliability of the vehicle demands that the strict 5G communication challenge low power consumption high Q value

Application compared to consumer electronics, automotive market environment more severe, the temperature, climate, earthquake and other adaptability requirement is very high, such as adaptive temperature range, strong shock resistance, strong resistance to power fluctuations, etc., and difficult to get into general manufacturers, now car MLCC industry mainly by Japanese manufacturers, Europe and the United States is auxiliary.At the same time, the life cycle requires 15 to 30 years, which means that the life of the electronic components of the vehicle should be guaranteed for 15 to 30 years.In addition, the efficiency of the electronic components of the vehicle is required to be zero in 10 to 15 years (to achieve PPB level inefficiencies)."

Japanese leader murata, the automotive market again subdivided into two categories: one is information entertainment components, known as infotainment applications, such as Car Navigation, this kind of application, murata, suggest using plain MLCC can be, unless the terminal customers have special requirements.The second type is the automotive power and safety system, such as ECU, BMS, EPS, TPMS, ADAS, etc.This is closely related to the personal safety of the user. It is necessary to choose products with higher reliability level, and also meet the AEC - Q200 standard.High - end automotive core components for reliability and safety, e.g. power control systems, chassis and safety control systems.The middle end is used for common car parts with high reliability and safety requirements, such as the body electronic control system.The low end is used for reliability requirements of general motors, such as multimedia systems.In addition the future cars in unmanned and car in the process of network communication, the need for massive, real-time data exchange, rely on communication technologies such as 4 g LTE - V is unable to realize the real-time transmission, and 5 g network has increased enormously in the indicators, especially in the case of time delay. In view of the rapid development of information age, MLCC also must adapt to the demand for car use, especially on the technical parameters, to go to the high frequency, high precision, high Q value technical direction to open the road of innovation.For MLCC, in addition to meeting the normal reliability requirements, it also needs to meet the low loss and high Q capacitance required by high frequency wireless communication design.High Q value MLCC has been widely used in the field of communication include base station equipment, etc., but the technology to realize auto level request has the certain difficulty, murata has already begun to develop in two years ago, at present this system products are already started production.

The main models of MLCC are wide range, and the products of 0402 to 2220 are in use, and the most applications are 0603, 0805 and 1206.Overall look, although the size of the automotive market for MLCC nothing, but to involve the personal safety reliability, service life, failure rate is very high, temperature and humidity for the work of MLCC, climate, earthquake and other aspects are also put forward higher requirements, therefore, to enter the automotive market, must pass a series of car industry standards and quality system certification, the threshold is very high, this also is the main cause of many vendors in the wait-and-see.

Take advantage of the high quality of the car market

The MLCC mainly focuses on Japan, with the European and American departments as the auxiliary, Taiwan and mainland manufacturers relatively late.The car market is more concentrated in the MLLC market, with more than 70 percent market share for both villages and TDK.The market is promising, but it is not suitable for all manufacturers. The threshold lies in technical strength, quality stability and high reliability.Now car manufacturers generally have the qualification to review the import, since the Japanese manufacturers have been the first to do this work, the later manufacturers will have some difficulties in this area.Risks, mainly supply quality risk, because it is related to the life safety of the huge Numbers of families, once the product quality accident, will cause huge losses (human, material and financial resources, reputation, etc.), which is most MLCC enterprises in automotive field from the most fundamental reason.

Looking forward to the next few years, the car market has become the next profit growth point for smartphones and tablets, and the upstream semiconductor IC and passive components are all aiming at the big cake.MLCC as the most basic component of the components, nature also wants to hitch a ride.At present, the MLCC market is still dominated by the accumulation of deep Japanese enterprises, and it is mainly used in key parts of vehicles with higher technology content.Relatively, the mainland and Taiwan manufacturers, Japanese department than have obvious difference, but can consider relatively less demanding markets such as multimedia system, gradual transition and shorten the gap with international manufacturers.

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