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The Next Generation Of Supercomputers Is Eight Times Faster Than The Current World Champion

Aug. 19 , 2017

The next generation of supercomputers is eight times faster than the current world champion

China's self-developed "light of the taihu lake" super computer won the world championship to make people happy.Light "and" great power, taihu lake belong to the same research units, the same "national production" as the characteristics of the national center for super calculate jinan is working with countries developed a parallel computer engineering technology research center "the light of the taihu lake" the next generation - the great power of E prototype, "is expected to meet people in June of 2018, and located in the national super jinan center.""Said pan jingshan, deputy director of the computing center of the shandong academy of sciences.

As the world's first run faster than one billion times per second "supercomputer," compared to the light of the taihu lake "supercomputer computing" operation 1 minute is equivalent to more than 200, ten thousand ordinary computer operation ability, is equivalent to 7.2 billion people at the same time use calculator uninterrupted for 32 years."But in pan's point of view, the e-level computer can perform more than eight times as fast as the "light of the great lakes" -- a billion billion calculations per second.

Energy consumption and application are still two major problems

China is the world's fastest supercomputer in the world, starting with the world's fastest supercomputer in the world.

"Too big to modern weapon system development test, small to Hollywood special effects production is inseparable from the super, super calculate outside has become a theoretical and experimental means of the third kind of scientific research, it embodies the comprehensive strength of science and technology of a country."China computer society, the high performance computing branch secretary, director of the national center for super calculate jinan Mr Zhang said to the journal of science and technology press, though supercomputers started late in China, from partial breakthroughs to comprehensive technology leader, from chased to step beyond, in just 15 years.However, the existing supercomputing power is clearly unable to meet China's huge market demand.

Three countries began in 2016 "E computer prototype system" project, national "high-performance computing" key teeg expert introduction, research and development plan to develop E machine into "great power" parallel computer engineering technology research center (country), "tianhe" (national university of defense technology), "dawn" (dawn) three super team competition, through the mechanism of horse racing to build our country independent E computer "sword".

The three project team in the super computer development has profound technical foundation and rich experience in development, each development unit based on stock must have disruptive incremental innovation to go no further.

Implement disruptive incremental innovation has never been easy, jing-shan pan believes that research E machine we have to overcome two problems: "if using existing technology E computer, energy consumption will reach 60 megawatts per hour or so, this is almost equivalent to a medium-sized county electricity consumption, energy consumption is too big.""Some people say that the performance and application of China's supercomputing is the 'very few cars running on the 10-lane highway'. It's an exaggeration, but how to expand the application is really a challenge."

The United States or the United States will have a bottoming out

For the short board of "China overcalculation", the shenwei e-class prototype with national features has already made a lot of moves.

In 2016, the national supercomputing jinan center and the first soa of the state oceanic administration won the approval of e-class application software project "Marine environment high performance numerical simulation application software development".Follow-up on both sides with Qingdao Marine science and technology national laboratory depth cooperation, focusing on the sea area of shandong in the domestic leading scientific research team and business departments to provide large-scale scalable parallel computing services, data services and intelligent computing services, joint development of vlsi extensible efficient numerical model for Marine and Marine application software system, for the transparent blue sea, deep sea polar, such as scientific planning and strategy of the national Marine life to provide efficient services.

The e-class application software contains the "good intentions" of China's supercomputing people and the internal demand of "national production".For a long time, "the Chinese super calculate" heavy "hard" light "soft", based on parallel environment, the basic algorithm, high-performance math library, operating systems, such as high performance computing foundation and the development of application software behind the development of the computer system is a known fact.

Pan jingshan, for example, often USES models, algorithms and math libraries to solve some problems, but most of the basic math libraries used now are mostly foreign.He believes that there are two reasons for this phenomenon: first, the early attention is not enough and the investment is insufficient;Second, the development of supernormal development has achieved only partial breakthroughs, and it will take time to fully surpass them.

The United States was a rare hit in the global TOP500 list.'this is a low point for the U.S. overdevelopment, and it could be the beginning of a bottom,' Mr. Zhang said.He revealed that in the second half of 2018, the United States will begin to introduce a new "northern lights" supercomputing, which can reach 180P (P), which means a thousand quadrillion times per second.So from 2018 to 2020, the United States could regain the top 500 title, possibly even a few crowns.

"If China is to build an e-class super computer as planned, we will win the championship.

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